JPinkse LLC, Economic Consulting

JPinkse LLC provides economic consulting services. Its member, Joris Pinkse, is a professor of economics at the Pennsylvania State University. His areas of interest include econometrics and industrial organization, with an emphasis on the study of markets with differentiated products and auctions.

Joris Pinkse has served on the editorial boards of five economics journals, including Econometrica and the Journal of Econometrics. His work has appeared in top economics journals including Econometrica and the Review of Economic Studies. He is the 2014 recipient of the Raymond Lombra Award for Distinction in the Social or Life Sciences.

Joris Pinkse has served as an economic expert on several major merger cases including Dow-DuPont and Bayer-Monsanto. He has further supported the testifying expert's analysis in re Packaged Seafood Products Antitrust Litigation.